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Meals of Mercy

Meals of Mercy

Here’s how it works………………
Someone has surgery or for some other reason is discharged from the hospital.  Someone has a new baby and has a lot more to do.  Someone has had a death in the family and has out of town guests that are hungry.
Meals of Mercy is there for all of the above!  Just contact Kim Olson at 239-776-1655 or kimaolson56@gmail.com or the church office and let us know who and when they need meals.  Kim will then contact the person in need or a family member and have meals prepared and delivered to the person’s home.  She will ask about dietary restrictions and allergies.  Then, Kim will call one of the many volunteers to make a meal or two for the person in need.

This Meal Ministry has been in operation for many years with our church family.  It works quite well and there are even meals in the freezer as we speak ready to be delivered.  But, we are encountering a delivery problem.  We’d like to ask the congregation if there are any folks that may be willing to volunteer to deliver these meals to those needing them.

If the Spirit is moving you to deliver meals for Meals of Mercy, please contact Kim Olson at the above number or email.  This is a wonderful Ministry and it would just be enhanced by a few folks willing to deliver meals.

Peace to all and thanks to our volunteer meal cooks,
Kim <><