What's Happening

PB&J and Senior Monthly Meals

This month we did hot dogs and chips.  Thank you to Lil Millman for supplying the salad, Linda Ruhl for cookies and Yvonne Eaton for bringing the fruit, and a small but mighty group that made 13 loaves of Peanut and Jelly sandwiches.
Our next date is Monday July 17th at 10.30am and all are welcome to come and make PB&j’s. We’re also looking for volunteers to provide either 24 entrees, salads, fruit or dessert in the coming months. The meals are delivered by Cafe of Life to seniors in the area.

Any questions contact Lavinia Hall (lhall99940@aol.com or 909-802-4777) or sign up in the narthex.

WANTED: plastic and paper grocery bags. Please place them in the PB&J box in the Caring and Sharing room