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CVLC Helps Migrant Workers

Paige Giannetti and Margery Winsett helped deliver essential items, including tee shirts that Christus Victor Outreach provided, to migrant workers.  These 70 men have work visas so they are able to pick tomatoes in the area.  The employers provide housing and there is a laundry on the premises but the men must pay for everything else.  The things that Cafe of Life delivers during picking season helps them with daily living.  The men were out picking, so the bags and other items were left in an empty “house” where they would be distributed when they returned.

Cafe of Life, located in Bonita Springs, is one of two Christus Victor Outreach key partners (the second being All Seasons next door). Cafe of Life assists the under resourced in the Bonita Springs area with food, supplies, education, etc.  Margery Winsett is Christus Victor Outreach Team’s liaison to Cafe of Life.

Per Margery’s recent Temple Talk at Christus Victor, we (volunteers) provide roughly a thousand meals to Cafe of Life each year, along with monthly paper, cleaning, and personal supplies each month to 24 seniors, making it a key Outreach partner for Christus Victor Outreach.